Youth Project


Since from the beginning, the idea of Collisioni was not only to create a festival, but a place, a symbolical country which doesn’t yet exist on maps. A sort of global village of literature, music and arts in general, which has to become a crossroads of different cultures, artistic and human paths. A construction site of creativity, where people can share experiences, thoughts, emotions.

From these suggestions Collisioni gave life to his Youth Project. In this context, seven years ago, the project have been created in order to actively involve the new generations in cultural events, expecially from difficult areas of social and economial discomfort.

Every year the Festival gaves hospitality to more than 300 italian youngs and ask them, in exchange, to contribute with their creativity: as musicians and actors on the stages in Barolo, in the groups of videomakers and photographers, on the main stages as storytellers or festival volunteers.

Since then, hundreds of young people from across Italy have joined the project, helping us to make the event more colorful and lively.



The main objective is to involve all the young selected in a common project. In the two previous months, young people share a work and artistic path in order to make developed their presence in the days of Festival. Through music, photography, art, writing, videos, we hope to represent the soul of the Festival and the selected youngs have to prepare themselves for the debates with the guests of the Festival: intellectual, writers, artists who have shared with us the project and who are ready to answer their questions.