Ian D'Agata meets the greatest chefs of France

From the beginning passionate of the world of Food, Ian D'Agata has always been attracted by the mixture of intellectual creativity, reserch of traditional products, discovery of ancient receipts and technology animating the universe of enogastronomy. In the latest weeks, among other great chefs and food experts, Ian met Guy Savoy, multi-awarded three-Michelin-starred chef known all over the world and Philippe Arrambide, rising star of french cuisine following the steps of his father Firmin, founder of the Basque-French cuisine. A kind of cooking full of tastes, that Philippe re-think with smart brushstokes of modernity. A kind of work Ian knows and appreciate for the beginning: he is in fact the one organizing a gala-dinner and show-cooking with Arrambide in Rome, more than ten years ago.

In the next months, Ian will keep on with his enogastronomic travels and meetings in France, Italy and the US. 

The new-born Collisioni Food Project, that saw its first "pilot edition" the passed July, in Barolo, is shaping up to be a mine of novelties and interesting ideas for Italian producers of enogastronomic excellences, as well as for the many chefs of the Country.